About me

Hot, dusty summer in Belgrade, mid 80’tees. Asphalt burns around the suburbia warehouse. A dirty young man unloads the trucks. Then he takes a piece of metal from the ground and begins to play on the armature and the fence, searching for the tones that just passed through his head. A bit later he walks back home, repeating the melody he just pitched with the pieces of junk. He enters the house, takes his guitar and plays it out, than he records the melody on a tape recorder.
35 years later this composition will end up in a movie.

This is a website about me and my enduring creative fervor. It has sustained itself thanks to the support of my family and friends.

His photos are stories, and his stories are paintings. His paintings are made of music, and his music born out of spaces overflowing with recollections. In one of those spaces, he creates furniture that is alive and light as nature, which is a frequent theme of his photography. The circle is closing, and in that circle the creator stands – Deya. The Renaissance Man of the 21st Century.

Ana Vehauc, Creative Strategist at New Moment New Ideas Company

Working with Dejan is both amusing and fulfilling. It's like combining creative process, positive energy and hard work in one successful venture.


Art is probably the most efficient way to transmit emotions and experience and Dejan Kijevcanin is rare individual able to convey emotions and experience through all forms of his activity: music, decorative design, top pictures and photographs ... One of the most talented persons I know.

Mustafa Presheva, Turkish film editor

A single peace of his music called "Rain" uplifted and brought emotion to a crucial scene in my film.

Cem Özay, film director

For the technique of dry pastel, one of the most subtle artistic practices, artists only reach out when they want to express their most sane feelings and the finest passages on a light-dark relation or to register those chromatic values in the ambience to achieve the impression of simultaneous light absorption and emission. In a furious ecstasy, the author, Dejan Kijevčanin, manages to create those specific situations when objects and ambiences, precisely in this technique, radiate a special life.

Slavko Timotijević, Art historian